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Properties of Matter Element Card 9, Lesson 21



Melting point

1535° C

Boiling point

2750° C





Other physical properties

Iron is malleable and ductile.

Chemical properties

Iron reacts slowly with air, and it reacts with dilute acids.


Compounds of iron are usually either green or reddish brown.


Iron is mixed with carbon and sometimes other elements to form alloys called steels, which are the most widely used metals.


Iron is extracted from its ores (commonly hematite or magnetite, both of which are forms of iron oxide) by smelting in a blast furnace.

More information on Iron:

Molten steel being poured in a factory

Iron is extracted from its ore in a blast furnace. Oxides of iron are usally heated with coke, which is mainly carbon, and limestone. The iron produced is usually converted to steel before it is used.

An iron rod ending in a red-hot ring being hammered on an anvil

This blacksmith hammers a piece of iron into the shape he requires. Like other metals, iron can be forced into different shapes; that is, it is malleable.


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