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Properties of Matter Element Card 12, Lesson 21



Melting point

1244° C

Boiling point

1962° C


7.4 g/cm³



Other physical properties

Manganese conducts electricity and is hard.

Chemical properties

Manganese reacts with air slowly (faster if water is present) and with dilute acids.


One compound of manganese is manganese dioxide, which is black. Another is potassium permanganate, which is purple.


Manganese is added to iron to make very strong steel alloys (for example, for railroad tracks, safes, and armor plate). Manganese dioxide is used in dry-cell batteries.



A page from a book with pictures of naturally occuring manganese nodules

Manganese nodules from the bottom of the sea.

Train tracks

Manganese is added to steel to make alloys that are very strong. Railroad tracks, which carry very heavy loads, are often made from this type of steel.

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