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Properties of Matter Element Card 14, Lesson 21



Melting point

1453° C

Boiling point

2732° C


8.9 g/cm³


Nickel is silver in color.

Other physical properties

Nickel is magnetic, hard, malleable, and ductile. It conducts electricity.

Chemical properties

Nickel is not very reactive. It reacts very slowly with the oxygen in air at room temperature, and it reacts very slowly with hydrochloric acid.


Compounds of nickel are green in color.


Nickel is used in coins (because it remains shiny) and in strong magnets (as an alloy with other metals). Nickel compounds are used to color glass green.




U.S. nickels are in fact only 25 percent nicke. Unlike pure nickel, the copper and nickel alloy from which nickels are made is nonmagnetic.


Nickel production is a complex process. First, nickel ore (nickel sulfide) is converted into nickel oxide in a blast furnace. Then, acid is used to extract nickel metal.

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