Properties of Matter, Part 1 - Quiz


Which of the following would you use to find out of the amount of matter in an object?


a) weight


b) mass


c) volume


d) density


To determine the density of a sample of air you need to measure which of the following?


a)weight and volume


b)mass and weight


c)mass and volume


d)length x height x width


Which of the following units is NOT a measure of mass?




b)cubic centimeters






An object with a mass of 6 Kg on the moon will have which of the following masses on Earth?


a) 1.0 Kg


b) 36.0 Kg


c) C. 0.6 Kg


d) D. 6.0 Kg


A small solid object has a mass of 15g and a density of 2.7 g/cm3. If the object is placed in a liquid with a density of 13.5 g/cm3 will it:


a) Sit right on the surface of the liquid


b) Sink


c) Float, with part of its volume just below the surface of the liquid


d) Remain suspended in the liquid just below the liquid's surface


An object has a density of 6 g/cm3 and a mass of 9g. The volume of the object is:


a)1.5 cm³


b)48 cm³


c).66 cm³


d)6 ml


A student was given two identical pieces of foil. She crumpled one up into a tight ball and placed it in a basin containing some water. The aluminum foil sank. She then took a second piece of foil and folded it to form a tray with sides. The small tray floated on the water. Given these observations, and your knowledge of density, which of the following statements about the aluminum tray is correct?


a)The density of aluminum foil changes (depending upon its shape)


b)The density of aluminum foil is less than water


c)The mass of the aluminum tray was less than the mass of the crumpled aluminum foil ball


d)The density of the aluminum tray is the same as the density of the crumpled aluminum foil ball


A substance has a melting point of 12 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 97 degrees Celsius. Which of the following statements about the substance is correct?


a) It is a liquid at 10 degrees Celsius


b) It is a solid at 24 degrees Celsius


c) It begins freezing at 13 degrees Celsius


d) It is a liquid at 85 degrees Celsius


A boy put 25 ml of water into a 250 ml plastic bottle, sealed the bottle and placed it in the freezer. When he removed from the freezer the next day the bottle had collapsed. A good explanation for this was?


a) The water inside the bottle had expanded


b) Air inside the bottle had contracted


c) The water conserved its mass


d) The water inside the bottle had contracted

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