Properties of Matter, Part 2 - Quiz


Which of the following statements about solutions is correct? Solutions:


a) Always contain water


b) Always contain a solid dissolved in a liquid


c) Are mixtures


d) Are formed when a solvent dissolves


14 g of a blue solid dissolves in 100 ml of water. A blue solution is formed. What is the mass of the blue solution?


a) 100 g


b) 86 g


c) 114 g


d) 1400 g


Acid rain is formed when:


a) Rainwater dissolves marble


b) Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides dissolve in rainwater


c) Calcium carbonate reacts with water


d) Smoke is released from factories


A maximum of 10g of a white solid dissolves in 200 g of water at 25 C. The solubility of this solid at this
temperature is:


a) 10 g


b) 5 g/100g water


c) C. 8


d) D. 20 g


The solution formed in question 4 above is:


a) Saturated


b) Cloudy


c) Sodium nitrate solution


d) Salt solution


Stainless steel is an example of:


a) An element


b) Pure substance


c) An alloy


d) A composite


The table below shows the results from an experiment to investigate what happens when
liquid A dissolves in liquid B.


Liquid A

Liquid B



123 g

114 g

237 g


123 ml

126 ml

242 ml

Use the information in the table to help you to a select a correct statement.


a) The volume of the liquids was conserved when they were mixed together


b)The volume of liquid A decreases


c)The density of the mixture is less than the density of Liquid A


d)The mass of the solution equals the mass of Liquid A added to the mass of Liquid B


Which of the following describes what happens when a teaspoon of salt is added to a beaker containing 200 ml of boiling water that is being heated?


a) The water boils faster


b) The water boils at a lower temperature


c) The water stops boiling for a few seconds and then starts to boil again


d) The salt sinks to the bottom and does not dissolve


A student was given a sample of a pure crystalline substance that was blue in color. She added a few of the crystals to a test tube that contained 5 ml of cold water. She shook the mixture for three minutes, taking care not to spill any of the contents. After this time she looked at the contents of the tube. The water was still clear but had turned blue. Some crystals were in the bottom of the tube. Which of the following is the best explanation of what took place in the test tube?


a) The blue substance completely dissolved in water


b) The blue substance does not dissolve in water


c) The blue substance is copper sulfate


d) The blue substance dissolves in water but is not very soluble in water

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