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Properties of Matter Element Card 20, Lesson 21



Melting point

232° C

Boiling point

2270° C


7.3 g/cm³ (white tin)
5.7 g/cm³ (gray tin)



Other physical properties

Tin exists in two forms: gray tin and white tin. It is ductile and malleable.

Chemical properties

Tin reacts very slowly with air.


The compounds vary in color. (Most are white, but they can be yellow, brown, or gray.)


Tin is used to plate steel cans, in solder, and in bronze and pewter alloys.


Tin is obtained from its ore by smelting cassiterite, which is tin oxide.




These cans are made from steel coated with a thin layer of tin. Because tin is relatively unreactive, the cans will corrode more slowly than cans made out of steel alone.





More about Tin:


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