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The reading selections in the STC/MS module Properties of Matter have been enriched with links and definitions that encourage students to further pursue concepts and topics in physical science. Many refer to inquiries that the children have done in class or in the student guide. Encourage students to conduct independent inquiries as well, and to ask questions about material they do not understand. The “Test Your Understanding” section of this site contains interactive quiz materials to help students assess their progress in learning.

The site contains links to materials at different reading levels, various levels of conceptual understanding, and complementary subject areas such as history. These extended materials enable students to conduct wide research on specific topics, improve their reading skills, make connections between science and their world, and enhance their computer research skills.

Many of the terms in the reading selections are defined in the glossary. When students click on a highlighted term, the definition will appear in a pop-up box on the screen. Likewise, many of the photographs and illustrations are hyperlinked.

Because students can access the Web site from home, restrictions on Web site use are the responsibility of parents. All links to non-NSRC Web sites led to appropriate and relevant material when this site was developed. The NSRC is not responsible for changes to these linked sites. Please contact the Webmaster if you think that any linked material is unsuitable or inappropriate for children. Use the “Contact” link found in the footer of each page if you encounter problems or have questions regarding the site.

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