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Properties of Matter Element Card, Lesson 21



Melting point

416° C

Boiling point

907° C


7.1 g/cm³



Other physical properties

Zinc is ductile and malleable at temperatures higher than 100° C

Chemical properties

Zinc reacts with acid, realeasing hydrogen gas.


Compounds of zinc are white in color.


Steel is dipped into molten zinc. This process, called galvanization stops rusting. Zinc is also used in car parts, in electrical quipment, and in batteries. Zinc oxide is used in paints and some sun tan lotions.


Zinc is obtained from its ores by roasting them to turn them into zinc oxide. The zinc oxide is then smelted to produce the metal.

View of houses with galvanized zinc roofs

Tin roofs like this one are not made from the element tin. They are made from sheets of steel covered in a protective layer of zinc. The zinc is applied to the steel by galvanization.

A boy with bright white zinc oxide smeared on his nose

This boy is using a cream that contains zinc oxide. Its bright white color reflects sunlight and protects the skin.

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