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Properties of Matter Element Card 1, Lesson 21



Melting point

660° C

Boiling point

2467° C


2.7 g/cm³



Other physical properties

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat.

Chemical properties

Aluminum reacts quickly with oxygen in the air to form a protective layer of oxide.


Compounds of aluminum are white in color


Aluminum is used in cookware, foil, aircraft, overhead cables, and window frames.


Aluminum is obtained by the electrolysis of its molten ore, alumina (aluminum oxide). It is the third most abundant element in earth's crust.

A child waving sparklers

It is only a coating of aluminum oxide that makes aluminum seem unreactive. In fact, aluminum is a reactive metal, and this property is exploited to make sparklers. Aluminum is also used as fuel in the solid fuel boosters of NASA's Space Shuttle.

A line of planes being assembled

Aluminum has a low density. This property and its resistance to corrosion makes it an ideal material for aircraft manufacture.

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